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Chris Montez was born on January 17, 1943.

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Chris Montez's birth name is Ezekiel Christopher Montanez.

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Q: When was Chris Montez born?
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When was Rico De Montez born?

Rico De Montez was born on December 20, 1911, in Zurich, Switzerland.

When was Home of Lola Montez created?

Home of Lola Montez was created in 1851.

What is the birth name of Susan Montez?

Susan Montez's birth name is Susan Biderman.

When was Chris Abell born?

Chris Abele was born in 1967.

When was Chris Duval born?

Chris Duval was born in 1983.

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What is Chris Montez's birthday?

Chris Montez was born on January 17, 1943.

How old is Chris Montez?

Chris Montez is 74 years old (birthdate: January 17, 1943).

Does chris montez have any children and is he married?


When was Lola Montez born?

Lola Montez was born on February 17, 1821.

When was Maria Montez born?

Maria Montez was born on 1912-06-06.

When was Montez Murphy born?

Montez Murphy was born on 1982-01-06.

When was Carlos Montez Melancia born?

Carlos Montez Melancia was born in 1927.

When was Ricardo Montez born?

Ricardo Montez was born on September 21, 1923, in Gibraltar.

Who sang let's dance?

Chris Montez-1962

What is Lola Montez's birthday?

Lola Montez was born on February 17, 1821.

Who sung Let's Dance in National Lampoon's Animal House?

Chris Montez

What is the song on dsw commercial little dance?

lets dance- chris montez