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Curt Masreliez was born on July 19, 1919, in Gothenburg, Vstra Gtalands ln, Sweden.

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Q: When was Curt Masreliez born?
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When did Curt Masreliez die?

Curt Masreliez died on June 21, 1979.

When was Louis Masreliez born?

Louis Masreliez was born in 1748.

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The cast of Proviekationer - 1967 includes: Gerd Hagman Lennart Lundh Curt Masreliez Sif Ruud Olof Thunberg

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The cast of Gertrud - 1963 includes: Ragnar Arvedson Uno Henning Curt Masreliez Isa Quensel Ove Tjernberg

When did Louis Masreliez die?

Louis Masreliez died in 1810.

What actors and actresses appeared in Markisinnan - 1964?

The cast of Markisinnan - 1964 includes: Maude Adelson Ragnar Arvedson Carl Billquist Lars Egge Curt Masreliez Isa Quensel as The Marchioness

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