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James and Oliver Phelps was born on February 25, 1986.

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Q: When was James and Oliver Phelps born?
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What is James and Oliver Phelps's birthday?

James and Oliver Phelps was born on February 25, 1986.

Who played the Weasley twins?

James Phelps plays Fred Weasley.Oliver Phelps plays George Weasley.

How tall are Oliver and James Phelps?

James and Oliver Phelps are 1.91 metres tall.

Where was James Phelps born?

Harry Potter star James Phelps was born on February 25, 1986 in Birmingham, England.He was born about 13 minutes after his older twin brother, Oliver Phelps.

What years were Oliver and James Phelps born?

Actors Oliver and James Phelps, best known for playing Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, are identical twins born on 25 February 1986.

Did Oliver phelps die?

It is not known if Oliver Phelps is a virgin or not. Oliver Phelps has a twin brother named James Phelps and is most known for appearing in the Harry Potter films.

Was oliver and James phelps born in England?

yes he was he lived there for 18 on february 25 2009, oliver will be 23 and 13 minutes after him, James will be 23. they were born in England.

How old is James and Oliver Phelps?

The twin brothers who portrayed the Weasley brothers in the Harry Potter movies are 31 years old (born February 25, 1986).

What color are James Phelps's eyes?

James Phelps (and his twin brother Oliver) has browncoloured eyes.

Are Oliver and James Phelps single?

Unfortunately, James and Oliver Phelps are not single. Oliver is with a girl named Katy and James is with Simione Burke.

WHen is James and Oliver Phelps birthdays?

They are twins, therefore they were both born on the 25th February 1986. Oliver, however, is 13 minutes older than James.

Who plays the twins in Harry Potter?

James Andrew Eric (plays Fred) and Oliver Martyn John (plays George) Phelps.