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Jazzie Zonzolo was born in 1988.

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Q: When was Jazzie Zonzolo born?
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His sister's name is Jazzie.

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How young is the Dougie Poynter's sister Jazzie?

Jazzie was born 15th December 1990 which would make her 18.

When was Jazzie B born?

Jazzie B was born on January 26, 1963, in Hornsey Rise, London, England, UK.

Is there a film called another hood?

There is a film title pronounced "another hood" but it is purposefully spelt differently. That film is called "Anuvahood". It is a British urban comedy film, released in 2011, that stars Adam Deacon, Jazzie Zonzolo and Femi Oyeniran. It didn't do well with film critics.

What is dougie poynters sisters name?

His sister's name is Jazzie.

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His birthday is March 8th.

Does dougie poynters sister have a baby?

No. Jazzie does NOT have a baby.

Who is dougie poynter's siblings?

Jazzie Poynter - sister.