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Joseph Brevard was born in 1766.

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Q: When was Joseph Brevard born?
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When did Joseph Brevard die?

Joseph Brevard died in 1821.

What has the author Joseph Brevard written?

Joseph Brevard has written: 'An alphabetical digest of the public statute law of South-Carolina'

When was Brevard Childs born?

Brevard Childs was born on 1923-09-02.

When was Jaymes Brevard born?

Jaymes Brevard was born in ????, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

When was Theodore W. Brevard born?

Theodore W. Brevard was born on 1835-08-26.

When was William Brevard Hand born?

William Brevard Hand was born on 1924-01-18.

When was Henry Brevard Davidson born?

Henry Brevard Davidson was born on 1831-01-28.

When was Richard Brevard born?

Richard Brevard was born on August 5, 1977, in East Orange, New Jersey, USA.

Where is Brevard Mountain?

I have never heard of Brevard Mountain. However, there is a Brevard, North Carolina that is in middle of the Appalachian Mountains.

When was Brevard College created?

Brevard College was created in 1934.

How tall is Jaymes Brevard?

Jaymes Brevard is 6' 2".

How tall is Richard Brevard?

Richard Brevard is 6' 3".