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Michael Morpurgo's book Cool! was published in 2002.

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Q: When was Michael Morpurgo's book 'Cool' published?
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Why is it Michael's Morpurgos favourite book Pigs com to town?

because it is

How was Michael Morpurgos career developed?

writing book's

What was Michael morpurgos favirote book he wrote?

im not sure but my personal favourite is war horse

What was Michael morpurgos best selling books?

1000 pages the book is called war and peace

When was Michael Morporgo's first book published?

His first book, It Never Rained: Five Stories, was published in 1974.

Who published a book in 1962 about the rundown and hidden communities of the country?

Michael Harrington published "The Other American?", a book in 1962 about run-down and hidden communities of the country.

What book where change into a film by Micheal morpurgos?

War Horse.

Where was Michael Jackson's book moonwalk first published?

Moonwalk was first published in 1988 by Doubleday. A string of ghostwriters actually wrote the book, with Michael's final approval contingent upon publication.

What is Michael morpurgos most popular book?

Among kids..... "Kensuke's Kingdom" or "The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips"Among adults...... "Waiting for Anya".All three are heavily decorated with international awards.All three are among my top 10 books.Michael morpurgos most popular book was war horse.They even made a play

When was Michael Morpurgo first book becom published?

i am a big fan

Was Micheal Morpurgos first book a sucess?

yes it never rained (his first book) was a huge sucess

In 1966 who wrote a book called the Maya?

The book that was published in 1966 called "The Maya", was written by Michael D. Coe.