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Pedro A. Vizcaino Martinez was born in 1966.

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Q: When was Pedro A. Vizcaino Martinez born?
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When was Pedro Linares born?

Pedro Aleandro was born on October 11, 1910, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When was Ricardo S. Martinez born?

Ricardo S. Martinez was born in 1951.

When was James Martinez - wrestler - born?

James Martinez - wrestler - was born in 1958.

When was Mel Martinez born?

Mel Martinez was born on October 23, 1946.

When was Gérald Martinez born?

Gérald Martinez was born on 1955-03-30.

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When was Luis Martinez Pedro born?

Luis Martinez Pedro, the Cuban artist who died in 1990, was born in 1910.

When and where was baseball player Manny Martinez born?

Manny Martinez was born October 3, 1970, in San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, D.R..

Who was Sebastian Vizcaino's wife?

Magdalena martinez orejon

Who was Pedro martinez?

Pedro martinez is a famous baseball player and is a good pitcher

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Pedro Martinez, the baseball player, is not dead as of July of 2014. There were a number of rumors circulating regarding his death but they were hoaxes.

When was Luis Vizcaino born?

Luis Vizcaino was born on August 6, 1974.

Was Pedro martinez from Mexico?

No, the Dominican Republic.

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Pedro Martinez is a player for Philidelphia Phillies who lives in Philadelphia. he is also believed to have a home in the Dominican Republic where he was born. Martinez was born on October 25, 1971 in Manoguayabo, Dominican Republic. His professional career began in 1988 when he selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers. He spent a few years in the Dodgers' farm leagues.