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Robert Sens was born in 1977.

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Q: When was Robert Sens born?
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When was Catriona Sens born?

Catriona Sens was born in 1980.

When was Erk Sens-Gorius born?

Erk Sens-Gorius was born on 1946-01-25.

When was Saturnin Fabre born?

Saturnin Fabre was born on April 4, 1884, in Sens, Yonne, France.

When did Lupus of Sens die?

Lupus of Sens died in 623.

What is the population of Sens-Beaujeu?

Sens-Beaujeu's population is 435.

When was SENS Foundation created?

SENS Foundation was created in 2009.

When did Columba of Sens die?

Columba of Sens died in 273.

When was FC Sens created?

FC Sens was created in 1987.

How do you get from Paris to Sens in Burgundy?

Follow A5 LYON from Paris to Sens.

What does je sens mean in french?

je sens is 'I feel' or 'I smell' in French.

When did Wulfram of Sens die?

Wulfram of Sens died on 703-03-20.

What is the area of Sens-Beaujeu?

The area of Sens-Beaujeu is 21.54 square kilometers.