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Q: When was the m1 Thompson made?
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What is the birth name of Emmalee Thompson?

Emmalee Thompson's birth name is Emmalee Jessica Thompson.

What is the birth name of Porl Thompson?

Porl Thompson's birth name is Paul Stephen Thompson.

When was Arthur Thompson - gangster - born?

Arthur Thompson - gangster - was born in 1931.

How tall is Broderick Thompson?

Broderick Thompson is 6' 5".

How tall is Porl Thompson?

Porl Thompson is 5' 7".

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What is the difference between M1 M1A1 M1928 M1928A1 Thompson?

the thompson m1 hast a smaller magazine 20 bullets the m1a1 has 30 dont know rest

The standard issue gun for the U.S troops in World War 2?

M1 grand, Thompson sub machine gun, m1 carbine, 1911 pistol.

Was the M1 Carbine an affective weapon in World War 2?

I'm sure there are hundreds of different opinions on the effectiveness of the M1 carbine. My father was in 4 campaigns of the European theatre and he would not carry the M1A1 carbine issued to him because of the lack of stopping power. He either used the M1 rifle or Thompson SMG. Mostly the Thompson.

When was this Springfield rifle M1 3565846 made?

your M1 garand was made in 1941

How many types of Thompson smg's are there?

4 Types: M1921 M1927/8 M1 M1A1

What is the tompson m1 machine gun?

The Thompson M1 sub-machine gun is one of several improvements on the Thompson line of sub-machine guns. The 1928 model was cocked from the top, had barrel cooling fins, adjustable rear sight, etc., the M1 modification was cocked from the side, had a cheaper to make stamped rear sight, no cooling fins. The M1 was used a lot during WW2 & the Korean war.

How long is the m1?

Several weapons had the designation of M1. Assuming the question was referring to one of the most prominent weapons to fall under that designation: The M1 Garand has a length of 43.6 inches (1107.4mm). The M1 carbine has a length of 35.6 inches (900mm). The Thompson M1 and M1A1 have a length of 32 inches (819mm).

What does M1 mean and how do you do it?

Depends what type of M1 you mean: M1 Garand: WWII-Vietnam War period .30-06 Semi-Automatic Rifle M1 Thompson: 1919-1976 .45 Automatic SMG M1 Carbine: A WWII era semi-automatic rifle M1 Abrahams: A current era jet powered Main Battle Tank, currently used in Iraq There are many others, just type 'M1' into wikipedia

When was this rifle made M1 Grand serial number 5614956?

your springfield m1 garand was made in 1955.

What weapons were used in the battle of Ypres?

M1 Garand Thompson .357 Magnum DP-28 and lots more

What guns did the Americans use in the battle of Iwo Jima?

the guns used were the M1-carbine, M1-garand, Thompson SMG, M1911 Colt 45, bazooka, flame thrower, m60 machine gun

What year was springfield armory model m1 garand serial number 3850981 made?

your M1 garand was made in 1945