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it should already have come out

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โˆ™ 2009-07-20 15:58:52
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Q: When will the original Dragon Ball series come out on collectors DVD?
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What is the original Japanese name of Dragon Ball Z?

The original name for the series is Dragon Ball Z. In Japan it is pronounced "Doragon Bōru Zetto"

IS there going to be a DVD release of the original dragon ball series or better yet are they out even vhs is good all i know about is the 3 movie specials of it. DRAGON BALL dragon ball z dragon ba?

Yes there is

What year was Dragon Ball Z made?

The original Dragon Ball Z magna series was first released on December 3, 1984. The original run ended on June 5, 1995.

Where can you get the original Dragon Ball series?

Best by can give you that for 29.99 Commented by the DBZ Fame and Claim

What is the last series of Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball GT.

What is the new series of Dragon Ball Z called?

the new series of dragon ball z is called dragon ball z kai

What come after Dragon Ball gt?

Well nothing has come up about a new series but some fans created one called Dragon Ball AF. Its not by the original creaters but its pretty good.

How many episodes are there in dragon ball?

in the original dragon ball there are 153

What Dragon Ball series is omega shenron from?

dragon ball gt

What is the first televised Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball of course

What is the new Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball z kia

Is there really a new series for Dragon Ball Z?

The original Dragon Ball was a 16 volume manga series and 168 episode anime series. Dragon Ball Z was a 26 volume manga and 291 episode anime series. Dragon Ball GT is not a manga, but a 64 episode anime series with mixed opinions from fans. After that, nothing. Dragon Ball AF was the rumored sequel, but only exists as a fan-made manga series that is kind of boring, and I'm not even sure if it's complete. Personally, I think the series ended with Dragon Ball Z, but the last scene of GT left me in tears. So, yes, Dragon Ball Z has a sequel, but no sequel to the sequel.

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