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Just go to shop wizard.

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Q: Where can you find a mint ice cream apple lantern on neopets?
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On Neopets where can you find apple juice?

Try the shop wizard or the trading post or auction house.

Where can you find a Neopets handheld?

there is no such thing as a Neopets Handheld. There are other items like that, but neopets does not have anything of the sort. Hope this helps!

Find a list of the different types of pies?

banana cream,cherry,apple,coconut cream,cookies and cream,meringue,buttercream,blueberry,pumpkin,sweet potato,strawberry cream,pecan,chicken pot pie

How do you go around the in neopets?

You can use the site navigation links to find your way around neopets.

Where can I find good Non-Neopets Guild Layouts?

SunnyNeo has good neopets related layouts, but has good non-neopets related layouts.

How do you lite the lantern on poptropica haunted house?

When you get the lantern go down stairs and find a barrel and click it. Then the lantern will light up.

Where can you find a Twilight Neopets userlookup?

On jesseneo

In Neopets where can you find Fresh Clam Jam?

Feel free to use the Neopets Shop Wizard to find items priced under 100,000 Neopoints.

Where to find the tropical fruit smoothe in neopets for the dark fairy's quest?

I am Not sure cause I don't play Neopets.

How do you get to the petpet laboratory in Neopets?

IF you cant find it on neopets go to you should find it there

Where is Esophgor in Neopets?

You can find Esophagor in the Haunted Woods.

How do you get an anniversary negg on Neopets?

you just find it freak