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first you have to beat the Pokemon leg then you to the same spot you after you catch giratina

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Q: Where do you find the rare bone in platinum?
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What is The Use Of Rare bone In Pokemon Platinum?

the only thing you can use a rare bone for is to sell it for 5000$.

What is the rare bone for in Pokemon platinum?

The Rare Bone item has no practical use in Pokemon Platinum or any version of Pokemon. The Rare Bone's only purpose is to be sold to in-game shops for money similar to how the Nugget item is used.

Where to find all the rare candies in Pokemon platinum?

U cannot find ALL of the rare candies at ONCE

Where are the rare candies in Pokemon platinum?

You can find a rare candy in wayward cave! I already found the rare candy there!

Where can you find a duskull in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find them in solaceon town(though they are rare).

Where can you find carnivine in Pokemon platinum?

you find it in safari Pastoria city rare

Where are the rare candies in platinum?

hidden u must find them...............

Where to find an old amber in platinum?

U can find them underground it's so rare

How do you get the rare Pokemon store on Pokemon Platinum?

You have to find poke balls in the wild which contain rare candy in them.

How do you get the old amber in platinum?

I heard you can find it in the undergound digging, but its rare

Where do you find a murkrow in platinum?

Murkrow are rare in Platinum. I found one in Enterna Forest at night. If you can't find one, you may have to trade.

Where an you find rare candies in Pokemon platinum?

you can find one on route 217 outside of a cabin