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Michael Morpurgo gets his ideas from school, the books he reads and his imagination

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Q: Where does Micheal morpurgo get his inspiration from?
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Who did Micheal morpurgo marry?

clare morpurgo

Is Micheal morpurgo a newzealand author?

Michael Morpurgo is from England.

What is Micheal morpurgo childhood like?

Micheal Morpurgo fell off a boat when he was 12 this is now a book by him called Kensuke's Kingdom

Has Michael Morpurgo have any kids?

Micheal morpurgo has 3 kids

What type of writer is Micheal morpurgo?

Micheal Morpurgo writes childrens books but some can be read by teenagers. he writes fictional books and in my opinion Micheal morpurgo's best book is Private Peaceful and i strongly recommend it to everyone. even my mum read it!

What is Micheal Morpurgo latest book?


Who is the author of War Horse?

micheal morpurgo

Why was Micheal morpurgo born?

ST Albans Hertfordshire

What is Micheal morpurgo' favorite book?

kensukies kingdom

Where did Michael Morpurgo get his inspiration for books?

Aryan Akhgar

When did Micheal morpurgo start his career?

He started his career in 1970

What is Micheal morpurgo's favorite football player?

tony graham