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Q: Where does christa mcauliffe husband live?
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Where did live christa mcauliffe when she was a child?

Concord, Hampshire

The teachers name in the the challenger?

Christa McAuliffe Christa McAuliffe

What was Christa mcauliffe favorite color?

what is Christa mcauliffe

What is Christa McAuliffe's real name?

Sharon Christa McAuliffe. Her maiden name was Sharon Christa Corrigan.

What is Christa McAuliffe's birthday?

Christa McAuliffe was born on September 2, 1948.

When was The Christa McAuliffe Prize created?

The Christa McAuliffe Prize was created in 1987.

What is Christa McAuliffe School's motto?

Christa McAuliffe School's motto is 'I see and I remember.'.

What is the motto of Christa McAuliffe School?

The motto of Christa McAuliffe School is 'I hear and I forget.'.

Is christa mcauliffe's husband remarried?

yes but i dont know her name

Are there schools named after christa mcauliffe?

yes there are like the Christa Corrigan McAuliffe Center for Education and Teaching Excellence. ~ There are also schools like the Christa McAuliffe Intermidiate School/I.S.187 in Brooklyn. And The Christa McAuliffe School in New Jersey.

What educational funding is offered in Christa McAuliffe's name?

The program is the Christa McAuliffe Space Program

Did Christa McAuliffe's family know she died?

Yes, all of the astronauts were found. Christa is buried in the Blossom Hill Cemetery in Concord, New Hampshire.