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Q: Where does patrice motsepe rank in forbes 500 list?
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What is rank of amway in forbes list?

39th in largest private companies

Who are the 3 richest men in South Africa?

# Nicky Oppenheimer & family - World Rank No.173 - Wealth $5.7 billion # Johann Rupert & family - World Rank No.284 - Wealth $3.8 billion # Patrice Motsepe - World Rank No.503 - Wealth $2.4 billion

Where does bill gates rank as the richest people?

In Forbes/Fortune richest people list.

Where does bill gates rank in forbe's 500 list?

He is currently in the #1 spot of the Forbes list of the top wealthiest people

Where does Donald Trump rank on the richest people in world list?

In 2006, according to Forbes he ranks #278.

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As of 12.13.01, 6:00 PM ET according to, Vince McMahon ranked 364 in the Forbes 500 list. He has a net worth of $700 million.

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As of 2014, according to Forbes, Oprah Winfrey is fourth in the Celebrity 100 List. Her net worth is currently $82 million in earnings.

Who are the 100 richest men in Africa?

Well, here's the 9 richest!Patrice Motsepe (South Africa) African Rank No.9 - $2.4 billionSamih Sawiris (Egypt) African Rank No.8 - $2.9 billionAliko Dangote (Nigeria) African Rank No.7 - $3.3 billionJohann Rupert & family (South Africa) African Rank No.6 - $3.8 billionNicky Oppenheimer & family (South Africa) African Rank No.5 - $5.7 billionMohammed Al Amoudi (Ethiopia) African Rank No.4 - $9.0 billionOnsi Sawiris (Egypt) African Rank No.3 - $9.1 billionNassef Sawiris (Egypt) African Rank No.2 - $11.0 billionNaguib Sawiris (Egypt) African Rank No.1 - $12.7 billion

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