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his whole name is marcel Dion wildy

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Q: Where is Marcel from the group 2much now?
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Is anyone from the group 2much is single?

Marcel, Lil' C and Myles

Is marcel from 2much a virgin?

Marcel is a virgin.

How old is marcel fom 2much?

He was born June 21st, 1989. He is 19 years old now.

When is marcel from 2much birthday?

June 21st, 1989

Is 2much a virgin?

Marcel is still a virgin but the rest of them not

Are 2much related?

No but they are very close friends.Chris,Marcel and Milo formed the group then Myles was discovered and then he joined the group.the group formed in 2003 and they have been together ever since.

Does marcel from 2much like big girls?

Kelly from B5 and Marcel from 2much like big boned girls, but you have to know how to take care of your self. And plus you can't be too heavy..they like thick and big boned, but not too big.

Does myles from the group 2much have a girlfriend?

It dos not seem like Myles Cleveland from the group 2much has a girlfriend. He has not been seen in photos with any girls.

Is marcel from 2much is gay?

He hasn't said anything but from looking at the way he poses and speaks, it's clear he is.

Where did Milo go from 2 much?

Milo had to leave the group over some differences. Marcel wrote on the "" blog that Milo didn't Voluntarily leave the group and Milo is still apart of 2much no matter what happened. I don't know the EXACT reason why Milo is not in the group but Milo is still friends with Marcel, Myles and Chris.

How old are the boys from the group 2much?

Marcell is 19Milo is 18Myles and Chris are 18

What is 2much real name?

Marcel-Marcel D. Wildly Lo-Milo M. Stokes Lil' C-Christopher S. Cheeks Myles-Myles C. Cleveland # Marcel Dion Wildy # Milo Monteyea Stokes # Myles Coby Cleveland # Christoper Stacey Cheeks # && its in age order too!!