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He lives in New York.

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No, but Jason is (:

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Q: Where is Michael Bruno from The Honor Society from?
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When was Michael Bruno born?

Michael Bruno was born on 1932-07-30.

Does the band Honor Society have an address to send fan mail to? (:

What is Jason rosen from honor society full name?

Jason Daniel Rosen (:

Does Madison riley havea boyfriend?

She is dating Alexander Noyes from the band Honor Society

How old is the band honor society?

Mike is 31 Jason is 30 Alex is 24 and Andrew is 29

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How tall is Michael Bruno honor society?

Michael Bruno from the band Honor Society is 5'4 tall!

When is Michael Bruno's birthday?

If you are referring to Michael Bruno from the band Honor Society, his birthday is August 11.

Is Michael Bruno from Honor Society engaged?

No, he is not. He is currently single.

How old is Michael Bruno from honor society?

He is 30 and he's turning 31 this 11th august.

How old is honor society?

some where i read Michael Bruno Jason rosen and Andrew lee are 29 and Alexander noyes is 22

What are the Names of honor society?

There are four guys in "Honor Society" 1.the AMAZING SINGER/GUITARIST: Michael Bruno 2. awesome GUITARIST: Jason Rosen 3. MY FAVORITE : Andrew Lee 4.the DRUMMER ( i mean what would a band be with out a drummer): Alexander Noyes

Who are the band members of Honor Society?

Andrew Lee, Jason Rosen, Alexander Noyes, and Michael Bruno.

What id the leaders name in Honor Society the band?

Michael Bruno is the lead singer. Alex Noyes is drums/singer, Andrew Lee is bass/singer, and Jason Rosen is keybord/singer.

How tall is Michael from honor society?

He's 5"4.

How old are the band members in Honor Society?

Michael Bruno: 31 Jason Rosen: 31 Andrew Lee: 30 Alexander Noyes: 24

How old is Micheal Bruno from Honor Society?

As of now, he is 30. He'll be turning 31 on August 11th, 2010.

Does honor society have girlfriends?

I've heard Andrew does, but Michael, Alex and Jason doesnt.