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On Hulu they have this new thing going on called hulu plus , they give a one month free trial ( i think) , YouTube ( if your lucky enough to find fairy tail) and crunchyroll ( its like 7.99 a month for a whole varity of anime , they give a 14 day free trial, but like you have to give them your credit card number for the free trial(sneaky). but yeah that's about it.

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The advantage of watching it on a phone, is that you can watch it practically anywhere. Bus, train or plane journeys however I would say are the best.

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Q: Where is best to watch Fairy Tail on an iPhone?
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Depends on who you ask.

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Episode 175 is the last episode of Fairy Tail. But although the Fairy Tail anime has ended, all the episodes are being re-aired under the name Fairy Tail Best and there are rumours that after that, and after the manga has had time to get ahead (as the anime was catching up), the Fairy Tail anime may be continued.

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Some of the best NaLu episodes in Fairy Tail are Episode 122 - "The Right to Love," Episode 175 - "Natsu and Lucy," and Episode 328 - "Natsu's Mind." These episodes highlight the strong bond and development of the relationship between Natsu and Lucy throughout the series.

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