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The Krokka Tunnel entrance can be found through a number of paths. The main entries are in Lyra Forest, towards the end of the forest, while the other entry is on East Road which is just West of the Fall City Ranger base.

The Krokka Tunnel can also be acessed by traveling deep into Panula Cave which is South of Wintown.

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Q: Where is the Krokka Tunnel in Pokemon Ranger?
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Where is croca tunnel in Pokemon ranger?

I don't think that there is a "krokka tunnel" in pokemon ranger guardian signs!

How do you complete mission 4 krokka tunnel on Pokemon ranger?

get 3 evoltions of makuhita and crush them

Where do you catch the regis in Pokemon Ranger?

Regirock is at the Sekra Mountain Range. Regice is in Panula Cave. Registeel is in the Krokka Tunnel.

Where can you find a tangela in krokka tunnel in Pokemon ranger?

you can find tangela in upper win town around the go-rock-squads base

Pokemon number R 84?

R-84 is Hariyama. You can find it in Krokka Tunnel, in the cave (found in the room with a bunch of Zubats).

How do you catch a doduo in Pokemon Ranger?

In the croca tunnel

Where can you catch registeel in Pokemon Ranger?

you can find it in krokka tunnel. to get to registeel,first catch two ivysaurs,two golems.Then go to krokka tunnel.go to the part of krokka tunnel where you can find zubats. go to the bottom left corner and you will see a pole. use one of your ivysaurs to get to the other side.after that,you can see a cave.go inside it.break two of the four rocks in it with your two golems. keep on going. you will see a tangela on the other side.use your second ivysaur to get to it. catch the is useful later on.keep going until you seen a gate. enter it. you will reach registeel.(note:do not use the tangela's poke assist on registeel.use your partner pokemon,plusle or minun instead.)

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon Ranger?

When you complete the main plot of the game and reach Rank 10, you unlock the feature Ranger Net. This is accessable from the Ranger start menu. Ranger Net begins with the mission "Gain Deoxys's Trust?!". Select this mission. You will appear in the Ringtown ranger base and Spenser will give you the mission breif. You need to go to the Krokka Tunnel to capture Deoxys. It will change forms each time you try to capture it. You may only do so, however, when it is in the Normal form. To achieve this, you must chase Deoxys through the Krokka Tunnel. Deoxys isn't that hard to capture. You should easily paralyse it with Plusle or Minun's electrical PokeAssist and loop circles around it. You should also be aware that Deoxys' Speed Forme is very fast and will most definitely require you to use a PokeAssist.

How do you get to fall city?

spenser asks you to take prof hastings to fall city trough krokka tunnel

Where do you catch Darkrai in Pokemon Ranger?

get past the rampodoses then there should be a tunnel go in it at the back is darkrai... by joel.g

How do you get a tangela in Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia?

In front of the Ranger School, you will see a tunnel with a rock in front of it. Destroy the rock and in the cave, you'll find a tangela.

Where are all Pokemon on Pokemon Ranger web?

In the ranger net you have to catch three legendary pokemon. 1-Deoyxs-In the tunnel connecting Ring town and Fall city 2-Celebi-In lyra forest 3-Mew-In the forest near Summerland