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His name is Kurt and he lives in Azalea Town just before the Ilex forest to the north west

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Q: Where is the guy who makes pokeballs out of apricorn in heart of gold?
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Where is Kurt in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You can find Kurt in Azalea Town! He can also make you Pokeballs made also ...Red Apricorn - Level BallGreen Apricorn - Friend BallWhite Apricorn - Fast BallBlack Apricorn - Heavy BallPink Apricorn - Love BallYellow Apricorn - Moon BallBlue Apricorn - Lure Ball

How do you get a fast ball on Pokemon Gold?

You have to get a certain apricorn color and put it in your apricorn box which you get from the guy near Mr.Pokemon's house. You have to give it to Kurt who makes pokeballs from apricorns after you have gotten out of Illex forest.

Which apricorn is the secret apricorn in Pokemon heartgold?

there is absolutely no secret apricorn in heart gold or soul silver, but good question.

Where is the purple apricorn in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is no purple apricorn in Heart Gold. There is blue and red, but not purple.

Where can you get the gold apricorn in soul silver?

there is no gold apricorn unless you count the yellow apricorn

What apricorn pokeball will catch mewtwo in heart gold?

Try the Timer Ball.

When do you get to catch rayquazza?

Stock up on ultra balls, heavy balls, dusk ball, timer balls...basically whatever pokeballs you can find. I caught mine with an heavy ball made with a black apricorn by kurt. Pokemon heart gold.

Where to get a gld apricorn?

In Gold and silver you can get 1 at silver mountain, however you can not get it in heart gold or soul silver.

Where do you get a gold apricorn?

there actually isn't a gold apricorn. there is a black blue green pink red white and yellow apricorn.

What apricorn makes a gsball?

in gold version you have to trade a gs ball or get a game shark

How do you get pokeballs at the beginning of Pokemon heart gold If someone can answer great but if you have a glitch for pokemon heart and gold pokeballs please answer me please I will try all answers?

Your friend Lyra will give you some and after that you have to buy your own at the shop

How do you get a love ball in HeartGold and SoulSilver?

in Pokemon heart gold and soul silver all you need to do is get a pnk apricorn then go to azealea town and talk to Kurt and give Kurt an apricorn