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The powerplant is in the same spot it's in, in Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver. East of Cerulean City, south of Rock Tunnel. You need to surf to get to it.

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next to cerulean city, where the dark cave is at surf to the right of the Pokemon center there and surf down and on the land there is the power plant

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It's below Rock Tunnel. Head east from Cerulean City to get to Rock Tunnel. Once you've reached a Pokemon Center, surf down the nearby river.

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Q: Where is the powerplant in Pokemon Yellow?
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How do you get a electabuzz?

you get it in the powerplant in Pokemon firered/leafgreen but in soulsilver/heartgold you get it in the grass out side of the powerplant

Where is the powerplant in Pokemon Gold?

The powerplant in Pokemon Gold & Silver is located East on Route 9 (Next to Cerulean)Walk until you run into the water and surf south on it and then you will be in front of the powerplant. enjoy!

How do you get to the powerplant in Pokemon Red?

You take the road.

Where is the generator in the johto region in Pokemon SoulSilver?

the powerplant

Where do you get a thunderstone onblue Pokemon?

In the powerplant where you catch zapdos

In Pokemon HeartGold where is the powerplant criminal?

ceruleon city

How do you save the powerplant in Pokemon Gold?

u save it

Can you catch Zapdos on Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, you can, it is a legendary Pokemon which you can obtain in the powerplant. It will appear at level 50 and you cannot breed it; not even with a ditto. the powerplant is out the front of mount moon except go down the river and you will found powerplant were Zapdos is

Where is zaptos in pokemon soulsilver?

go to the powerplant and he is outside.good luck

How do you get Zapdos on Pokemon silver in the Kanto region?

powerplant i believe

How do you get a zapados in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Zapados is located for capture at the Kanto Powerplant.

How do you found the powerplant Pokemon SoulSilver?

rock tunle surf down and there