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in the hideout of teamrocket

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Q: Where to get a lapras in gold version?
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How do you get lapras in heart gold?

Yes,there is Lapras. You find Lapras in the Unown Cave.

In what games can Lapras be caught?

Lapras is an old schoolie, and i used to have it in red version, back in the day. like, the FIRST red version.

How do you get lapras in Pokemon Heart Gold?

to get lapras it needs to be Friday in the basement in union cave

Can you catch lapras in Pokemon Gold?

you find lapras in union cave B2 only on fridays

What is lapras's level when you get it in Pokemon Gold?


When can you catch lapras in heart gold?

on fridays

What cave is the lapras in on HeartGold version?

Union Cave.

Where can you find a female lapras?

You can find a female Lapras in the same places you can find male ones. If you can't find wild Lapras in your version of Pokemon you can breed a male Lapras with a Ditto for an egg that could possibly hatch into a female Lapras.

Is there a baby version of lapras?

no there is not a Baby Version of lapras even though there should be like a small turtle cause tehre is a baby version of Pikachu snorlax Magmar adn Elelkid is another one

Where is lapras in the rockets hideout in Pokemon Gold?

It seems like your talking about Pokemon Red rather than Pokemon Gold because in Pokemon Red,Lapras is in the Rockets hideout in Silph Co in Saffron City where i believe your given Lapras by someone (Bill??) near the top of the building... But in Pokemon Gold,Lapras is found deep in Union Cave which is between Violet City and Azalea town, But the Lapras is only there on Friday Mornings,so if you go there any other time the Lapras won't be there...

Where is Lapras in heart gold?

IN heartgold and soulsilver Lapras is in Union Cave at the very bottom and far end of Union Cave ( Lapras is only lv. 15) hope this helped:)

How do you get lapras in pokemon yellow version?

You get it as a prize from beating your Rival at Silph Co.