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Nia Peeples Nia Long Nia Vardolas Nia Roberts Nia Medi Nia- Imani Scriven

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Q: Which Hollywood Actress Is Named Nia?
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What is Nia Long's occupation?

Nia Long is a/an Actress

What actress has the last name Peeples?

nia peeples .

Who is the hottest Hollywood actress?

girls is the hottest actress in Hollywood?

How old is Nia Sharma?

India TV actress Nia Sharma is 26 years old (born Neha Sharma, September 17, 1990).

Where can you audition to be an actress?

In Hollywood.

Who was Faith Hill married to before marrying Tim McGraw?

no one....he was engaged with some Hollywood actress.

Is it possible to get photo of famous actress nia peeples?

Write her agent. They have photos they send to people.

Name of actress who is lems ex girlfriend in soul food?

Michelle Stewart

Was William Zabka married?

Yes, William is married. In '87 he dated actress Nia Peeples...

Who is the hottest actress in Hollywood?

girls is the hottest actress in hollywood?

How many girls are there named Nia?

Wolfram Alpha estimates 14255.

Is Nia Long tall?

43 year old American actress Nia Long is best known for her roles in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Third Watch". She is 5'2" tall.