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A ditto can mate with any Pokemon

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Q: Which Pokemon can breed with Serperior?
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What type of Pokemon is Serperior?

Serperior is a Grass type pokemon.

What pokemon in black and white can breed with Serperior before you beat the elite four?

there are many, but an easy one is lillipup.

Is serperior weak against flying type pokemon?

Serperior is a grass type pokemon, so it is weak to flying type moves.

What is the national pokedex number for Serperior?

Serperior is #497 in the national pokedex, and it is a Grass type Pokemon.

What is serperior's Japanese name?

The Pokemon "Serperior" is called 'jarouda' in Japanese, written: ジャローだ

Where can you find a serperior in Pokemon white?

You have to get a Snivy from Professor Juniper at the start of your journey then evolve into Servine then into Serperior

Does serperior in Pokemon White have legs?

no. its a snake

Which pokemon is better emboar or serperior?


What ghost type move can serperior learn on Pokemon black?

Serperior cannot learn any ghost type moves.

How do you get emboar and Serperior if you already have a Samurott in Pokemon black?

you have to have a cheat code to get serperior

How rare is the Pokemon serperior?

no she is not a legendary who ever asked this question there is your answer. :)

Is serperior on the Pokemon show?

He was on pokemon the movie black and white.You will see him,but he should be on pokemon BW rival destinies.