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Well it would be difficult to say one treatment or any treatment can actually cure Carpal tunnel syndrome since it can be caused from many things. If you have Diabetes or hypothyroidism..then getting these conditions under control may help reduce your CTS symptoms. If repetitive use is causing your symptoms then reducing hand useage etc..may help. The main treatment of CTS involves using ice wrist wraps 2-3 x day. taking OTC pain relievers per label. Using pain relieving gels massaged into the carpal tunnel area. Sleeping in specially made night splints and doing special wrist stretching and exercises.

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Q: Which carpal tunnel treatment do you take to get a cure?
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Can you take steroids for your carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes. Steroids are often used in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, as it reduces the inflammation and swelling. There are 2 forms, oral (by mouth) and by injection. Studies have shown improvement in carpal tunnel pain relief with both forms. Generally a better response with cortisone injection into the wrist area. One study showed this is a good alternative to carpal tunnel surgery for at least a year.

Can you take omega three for carpal tunnel?

You can, however it would not do a great deal to aleviate the problem.

How does an ergonomic keyboard help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

Ergonomic keyboards helps with carpal tunnel because it keeps the wrist in the proper position to help avoid repetitive stress injuries. Make sure you also take pleny of breaks.

How long does it take before you are awarded a settlement for carpal tunnel surgery?

The length can vary depending on the state you are in and the work comp laws of that state. It also has to be proved that work caused your case of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a hotly debated topic because there are many causes other than work causes. Some carpal tunnel cases can be drawn out over several years, it just depends on the facts of the case.

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Can you knit with carpal tunnel syndrome?

Best practices dictate that you take your craft to your physical therapist and work with him/her to establish how best to craft what you want.

Can you unlock 200 doors a night after carpal tunnel surgery?

That is an unrealistic question for this format. No one knows what your Carpel Tunnel damage is or the effort that the doors would take to open or over how many hours.

Can you have carpal tunnel syndrome with no pain?

Probably not. It really depends on your definition of severe. Some people feel that they have severe symptoms but in reality their NCS (nerve conduction studies) are reported out as mild and a large portion of their symptoms are related to tendonitis etc..However, If you actually have NCS/EMG studies showing severe CTS and symptoms for longer than 3 months, then you will need carpal tunnel release

How much Vitamin B complex should a 65 year old woman take for carpal tunnel syndrome and will it help?

You could take one multi-vitamin a day or one B6 type of vitamin a day and that would be more than enough to see if it will help. Most American diets contain enough vitamin B6 though. And the only way it would ever help Carpal tunnel syndrome is if you were deficient, which is probably unlikely. Homeopathic believers of this form of treatment have not been able to produce unbiased data or studies to show that it works for carpal tunnel syndrome. There has been one limited study years ago that I know of, where the test subjects were deficient in vitamin B but this was done in another country outside of U.S., they were also showing other signs as well, such as other nerve problems and cracked lips etc.. Just be careful and don't take mega doses because it could tax your liver, and give you abdominal and intestinal problems. ************************************************************** Carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of inflammation of the nerve going through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. Moringa Oleifera, naturally containing 36 anti-inflammatories, can provide pain relief. Search on Moringa.

How does carpal tunnel syndrome start?

If you are experiencing simple aching of hands and wrists, you feel clumsy and fumble often when lifting light objects or even fumble when buttoning up a shirt, do not take it for granted! Those are the common and immediate symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is important that you seek the help of the doctor as soon as you experience those.

Avoiding Carpal Tunnel To Keep Working?

Avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome is something that can be done, but it takes careful planning. Throughout the day, people who perform repetitive motions will have to be conscious of the fact that they have to do certain exercises and take frequent breaks if they are to avoid injury to the carpal tunnel area. Otherwise, they may be subject to a workplace injury that will keep them from doing their jobs. The first thing that people can do to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome is to perform a few exercises before beginning their duties. For the hands, this could be as simple as shaking them before starting work. It will be necessary to take frequent breaks throughout the day; the exercises will need to be repeated before resuming work each time a break ends. If people sit long hours throughout the day, they will need to be aware of their posture. Good posture is important to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers do not want to be hunched over their computers or other machines while they are working, because they need their hands to be in a straight line. If the hands are higher or lower than a thirty degree angle, then the carpal tunnel area has the potential to become squeezed. This is how injuries begin. To avoid this, the hands should be in as straight a line as possible such as when typing at a keyboard. Sitting for long hours is not recommended if someone wants to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, but with good posture, it can be prevented. People need to make sure that their feet are planted firmly on the ground with their knees bent at a forty-five degree angle with their backs straight. This will keep the body from scrunching into a position that will squeeze the carpal tunnel area in the hands. Also because sitting for long hours is not good for the body, people will need to take a break every hour, as was mentioned above. During these breaks, people will need to stand up and perform, not just exercises for the hands that are executing repetitive motions, but for the entire body. Stretching exercises will help people avoid carpal tunnel syndrome when they take frequent breaks.

Tips for Avoiding Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel can be a condition that makes working painful, and may even incur many costly medical bills if you need to have surgery to correct the condition. In most people, avoiding carpal tunnel is as simple as performing a few stretching exercises a day, and taking proper rest breaks to ensure you aren't overworking the tendons associated with the condition.The BasicsSome careers are more likely to cause carpal tunnel than others. Repetitive motion is one of the main factors in developing carpal tunnel, but that doesn't mean that everyone who works with their hands extensively will develop the condition. In fact, there are quite a few things that you can do to assist in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome. For example, using an ergonomically designed keyboard and writing station can assist in reducing the chances of developing the condition for those spending a lot of time on the computer for work.You will also need to be able to identify the early symptoms of carpal tunnel. The main symptoms include tingling and numbness of the hands. Early identification and treatment can be very helpful in avoiding carpal tunnel from becoming so severe it requires surgery or other invasive treatments. You can also begin taking steps to ensure the condition doesn't affect your work or lifestyle.Taking a Time OutAvoiding carpal tunnel can become a part of your daily routine, especially when you have a daily history of the condition that affects a close family member. To avoid damage that occurs from repetitive motion, such as typing, you will need to begin taking breaks on a regular hourly basis. Stretch your arms out, then allow them to dangle by your sides. Take the time to shake your body out to reduce any tension that has built up in your muscles to help reduce stress and avoid carpal tunnel.If you are working at a desk, you will also need to learn how to hold your arms and hands to aid in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome. A desk that is at elbow level is ideal, but you also need to hold your hands so that your wrists are parallel to the floor. Holding your arms, hands and wrists as straight as possible increases blood flow through the area, which can help prevent injuries and carpal tunnel. This is especially important if you work at a computer for long hours every day. You may want to invest in a supportive wrist pad to place in front of your keyboard, as well. The pad will provide a simple solution to holding your hands and wrists straight, while also reducing stress on the muscles and tendons in the wrist.