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Many male celebrities have become underwear models. Pete Rose was a commercial model for Jockey, and Tom Brady has recently been mentioned to be in negotiations to model Calvin Klein underwear.

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Q: Which male celebrities have become underwear models?
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There is no exact answer to this question because such information is not widely released by the models in this type of situation, which would make it difficult to pinpoint an accurate number.Please see the related question below which lists male underwear models.

What are the best brands of Male underwear?

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What are the requirements necessary to be an underwear model?

Physical fitness is a must. Both male and female underwear models must have great tone and shape, curves are a plus for the women, as well as having good skin. Professional underwear models tend to be tall (within the fashion height requirements of 5'8" - 6'0" for women and 5'11"-6'2" for men), but there are glamour models that also do underwear work and are much shorter than the fashion requirements call for.

About how much do professional male underwear models get paid?

It varies from client to client but usually between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a day.

What is the Latin word for underwear?


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