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Q: Which state does Abby Hayes live in?
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When was Abby Hayes created?

Abby Hayes was created in 2000.

Who are the main character book abby Hayes?

The main characters in the book Abby Hayes are simple. It's Abby Hayes, Paul Hayes, Olivia Hayes, Alex Hayes, Isabel Hayes, and Eva Hayes. But some books have different characters depending on how the story is sequenced. From:Unknown person

What is Abby's Brothers name in the Amazing Days of Abby Hayes?


Is abby Hayes a website?


Can you take an Accelerated Reader quiz on Abby Hayes?


How many books are in the abby Hayes series?


Who is the publisher in the amazing days of Abby Hayes home is where the heart is?

The publisher of The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes is Anne Mazer. I am not sure what the rest of your question means so you will have to get another person to answer that one!

In the amazing days of abby Hayes book 20 who is abby's secret admirer?

I guess it must have been Zach or mason

Where do you buy Amazing Days of Abby Hayes books?

barnes and noble or borders

What state does hunter Hayes live in?

He is from Louisana. But he now lives in Nashville, TN.

Who is the author of the amazing days of abby Hayes?

Anne Mazer. She's really good isn't she? :)

Who was putting notes in abby Hayes sealed with a kiss locker?

i guess it was probably zach or mason