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You should look at Game Stop or EB Games, they usually have DBZ games there.

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Q: Which stores have DBZ Infinite World?
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Is dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 better then dbz infinite world?

Yes by far because Infinite world is kinda like burst limit BT3 nope i think its the best DBZ game EVER!!! in fact it is

What do you get for beating fighters road in dbz infinite world?

Zeni which will help you buy more attacks, skills,costumes, and much more

Is dbz infinite world on xbox 360?

no i don't thinks so... try it if you want to find out but you'll run the risk of stuffing up your game or game console

How do you stop an ultimate attack on dragon ball z infinite world?

as i have dbz burstlimit, what i usually use is a special move do decrease the damage, or use your ultimate move AGAINST it. enjoy.! ^^

What stores sell dbz action figures and movies?

Sears and Walmart.

Is dbz really the best game in history?

yes dbz is because it has the most games in the world but dbz stands for dragonballz. So that's the truth.

How you can download dragon ballz-infinite world for PC?

First, you have to download the software pcsx2v0.9.8 and then download play station bios and install on it.Second,youhave to download dbz infinite world game but this will the ps2 version game,don't care about it you have already install pcsx2v0.9.8.Because this is made by play station 2 team so this software can run ps2 game.

When is dbz raging blast 3 coming out?

in november 13 or 19 2011it's almost in stores

When does dbz ultimate tenkaichi come out in stores?

when is dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi coming out

Is there gt in Dragon Ball raging blast?

Its been said that their will be a disc two or down-loadable content or a in-game shop where you can buy the saga and/or characters similar too what they have i dbz Infinite world where you can buy maps and characters and stuff.

How many surnames are there in the world?

Over 9000! (Dbz quote lol)

Is dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 4 coming out on ps2 ice and long hair ssj gohan bulla are there?

nope... The last DBZ PS2 game was Infinite World... so T4 will come out on the PS3, the 360 and/or the Nintendo WII!