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Addicks is the nickname for Charlton Athletic football club.

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Q: Who are the Addicks?
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When did J. Edward Addicks die?

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When was J. Edward Addicks born?

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What is Charlton athletics nickname?

The addicks.

What kind of club is Charlton FC?

Charlton Athletic FC is a football club based in London. The club play in the Championship division at The Valley and have the nickname of 'The Addicks'.

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Why are Charlton Athletic called the addicks?

The AddicksSomething to do with the old charlton team having fish and chips after the game with the opposition and because of their cockney accent it sounded like they said addick instead of haddock, so the nickname the addicks has stuck The nickname was born during the club's early days in the 1900's when Charlton were sponsored by a fishmonger called Arthur Bryan. After each match, Bryan would give each side a fish supper, and when Charlton won they would be given haddock, or 'addock' in the vernacular of southeast London.

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