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Three famous that have earned engineering degrees?

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Q: Who are the three most famous people who have earned a engineering degree?
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Who earned a Master degree in engineering and became a expert in heating and cooling systems?

Many people have done so.

Three famous people with engineering degrees?

There are a number of famous people with engineering degrees. These include Larry Page, Bill Nye, as well as Steve Wozniak.

Which famous people have a music degree?

Andy Griffith

When was Clara Barton famous?

She was famous when she got the three medals she earned. She was Famous when she was the president of the red cross. And she was famous when had helped so many people.

Who are the millionaries?

people who earned at least a least a million dollars and become famous

Why you chose engineering?

Many people chose engineering as a field of study because of the many doors it opens. An Engineering degree opens doors in the military, business and construction field. This field is geared towards people who like to problem solve and be part of solutions.

Is an online bachelor's degree in psychology worth the paper it's printed on?

An online degree is just as credible as a degree earned by physically attending class, and is more convenient for a lot of people.

What kind of degree that is required when you want to become a technology consultant?

All technical consultants must have a bachelors degree in science or engineering. Many people in this area also have a master's degree or even a doctorate.

What is the average salary for people with metallurgical engineering jobs?

People trained in metallurgical engineering can make any where between 20-50 dollars an hour. Companies will vary in their salary and pay according to degree and length of employment.

How can people start chemical engineering careers?

The best way to start a career in chemical engineering is to obtain a college degree in chemical engineering or an associated subject. Larger chemical engineering firms may also have apprenticeship schemes for those who do not wish to go to college.

What is the use of a bachelor's degree in information system engineering technology?

more people want to hire someone with more experience

Is production engineering a very good degree?

Yes. In fact it has gotten many people far in their career. My uncle has this degree and own/runs 2 companies. Good luck! (: