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Q: Who did Stuart pearce play for?
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What is Stuart Pearce's birthday?

Stuart Pearce was born on April 24, 1962.

When was Stuart Pearce born?

Stuart Pearce was born on April 24, 1962.

How old is Stuart Pearce?

Stuart Pearce is 49 years old (birthdate: April 24, 1962).

When was Stuart Pearce appointed?

Stuart Pearce was appointed on 1 July 2014 as the Manager of Nottingham Forest in England.

Who is the manager of the english football team?

Stuart Pearce

Which team did forest buy Stuart pearce from?

Coventry City

Why is Stuart Pearce called Psycho?

Because he uses it in his football.

Is Beckham a olympic soccer player?

No, stuart Pearce didnt select him

What number shirt did Stuart pearce wear for Nottingham forest?


Which footballer is used in the current Go Compare ad?

Stuart "psycho" Pearce

Who has played for 6 different premiership clubs yet never scored?

Stuart Pearce

Why did Ferguson have a problem with Stuart Pearce Kevin Keegan rant 95 'when you do things like that about a man like Stuart Pearce?

Keegan was annoyed that Fergerson had implied Pearce's Forest would try less hard against Newcastle as against Man U. He (Keegan) felt Fergerson was insulting the professionalism of Pearce - I totally agreed with him and yet again was amazed that Fergerson was not hauled over the coals by spineless football organisations.