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Q: Who had children with his daughter?
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Does Phillis Dallier have a daughter that plays on All your children?

She doesn't have a daughter that plays on all my children-she was to old.

What relation to you is your great aunt's daughter's children?

Your great aunt's daughter's children (her grandchildren) are your second cousins.

Does grace nichols have children?

yes she has a daughter and step daughter

What relation is your daughter to your first cousin's children?

Your daughter and your first cousin's children are second cousins to each others.

What is the relationship between your daughter and your first cousins and their children?

Your daughter is first cousin once removed to your cousin. Your daughter is second cousin to your cousin's children. Your cousin's children are first cousins once removed to you

Does malcomx's daughter Malikah Shabazz have children?

Yes. 1 daughter.

What is the relationship called of your son-in-laws children to you?

If they are not your daughter's children, then they are all step children. They will be called step-grand children. If they have children, those are step-great grand children. If they are your daughter's children, you must know that they are your grand children as they are directly related to you.

How do you spell the daughter of your mothers daughter?

Niece. Your mother has children, you and your sister. So your mother's daughter is your sister. When she has a daughter, this is your niece.

How many children did Mary I have?

There were two Mary Tudors. One was the daughter of Henry VII and one was the daughter of Henry VIII The daughter of Henry VII did have children. She had three children by her second husband Charles, Duke of Suffolk. Her children were Henry, Frances (mother of Lady Jane Grey), and Eleanor. While the daughter of Henry VIII married she never had any children

Did Chairman Mao have any children?

He had five children. Mao Anying, son Mao Anging, son Li Min, daughter Li Na, daughter Tra My, daughter

Does Monifah have children?

A daughter, Akemi

Did Hiltler have a daughter?

Hitler had no children.