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In 2010 Yuko Shimizu made Hello Kitty.

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Q: Who invented Hello Kitty?
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Related questions

Where was hello kitty invented?

hello kitty was invented in Japan.

What is the month and day that hello kitty was invented?

Hello Kitty was invented on November the first

What is the Chinese girl's name that invented hello kitty?

What is the Chinese girls name that invented hello kitty

Who has invented hello kitty?

Hello Kitty was designed by Yuko Shimizu for the Sanrio corporation in 1974.

Who invented hello kitty without a mouth?


Where is hello kitty most popular?

hello kitty is most populair in japan (that is where the sanrio company is) .... even thought hello kitty was originated in London England it was bought by the sanrio company. did u know hello kitty was invented in 1974?

What use is hello kitty to the world or company that invented her?

Hello Kitty was invented (invented in 1972) to teach young children how to use good manners. They made a TV show for her but it didn't really go on for long. Hello Kitty is now a cute cartoon figure that people of all ages enjoy. And the people who just happen to dislike Hello Kitty should really just get over it, Because Hello Kitty isn't going ANYWHERE!

What company invented Hello Kitty?

Sanrio, founded in 1976.

Is hello kitty Chinese?

She's from England. Invented in Japan.

How old was yuko shimizu when she invented hello kitty?


Why couldn't hello kitty be invented in the US?

nobody in america thought of her

How was hello kitty invented?

One day a long long time ago a girl said Hawoo Hitey and the father got an idea of Hello Kitty and that is the man who wrote the books and created the movie of Hello Kitty. And that my friends is the story of Hello Kitty!-Hello Kitty ExpertHello Kitty UniversityFounding Since 1996actually no thts a lie u need to do more research because company in london in 1974 wanted to think of a cartoon tht kids and teens would get it straight

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