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Q: Who is Douglas hannigan?
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What is the birth name of Alyson Hannigan?

Alyson Hannigan's birth name is Alyson Lee Hannigan.

What is the birth name of Nita Hannigan?

Nita Hannigan's birth name is Anita May Hannigan.

Who plays lilly on how i met your mother?

Lilly is robins friend and she is married to marshall

When was Ray Hannigan born?

Ray Hannigan was born in 1927.

When was Mike Hannigan created?

Mike Hannigan was created in 2002.

When did Joseph Hannigan die?

Joseph Hannigan died in 1944.

When was Joseph Hannigan born?

Joseph Hannigan was born in 1904.

When was Bitsy Hannigan created?

Bitsy Hannigan was created in 2002.

How tall is Nita Hannigan?

Nita Hannigan is 5' 7".

When did Alyssa hannigan get married?

In 2003. And her name is Alyson Hannigan.

When was Theodore Hannigan created?

Theodore Hannigan was created in 2002.

When was Robert Hannigan born?

Robert Hannigan was born in 1965.