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Q: Who is Luis gainer?
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When did Del Gainer die?

Del Gainer died on January 29, 1947, in Elkins, West Virginia, USA.

What actors and actresses appeared in This Is VistaVision - 2009?

The cast of This Is VistaVision - 2009 includes: Steve Gainer as himself

What is the real name of Luis manzano?

A: yes Luis' real name is Luis manzano i read it from the book about Luis manzano and angel locsin

What is the birth name of Luis Prendes?

Luis Prendes's birth name is Estrada, Luis Prendes.

What is the birth name of Luis Koellar?

Luis Koellar's birth name is Luis Cuellar Herrera.

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What is the birth name of Del Gainer?

Del Gainer's birth name is Dellos Clinton Gainer.

How tall is Cole Gainer?

Cole Gainer is 6'.

How tall is Del Gainer?

Del Gainer is 6'.

When was Forrest Gainer born?

Forrest Gainer was born in 1979.

What nicknames did Del Gainer go by?

Del Gainer went by Sheriff.

When was Kaitlyn Gainer born?

Kaitlyn Gainer was born in Texas, in USA.

When was Lauren Gainer born?

Lauren Gainer was born in Texas, in USA.

When was Jay Gainer born?

Jay Gainer was born on 1966-10-08.

When was Derrick Gainer born?

Derrick Gainer was born on 1972-08-22.

When was Alice Gainer born?

Alice Gainer was born on 1982-07-03.

When was Ronald William Gainer born?

Ronald William Gainer was born in 1947.

When was Terrance W. Gainer born?

Terrance W. Gainer was born in 1947.