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Q: Who is in charge of Disney?
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Who is in charge of Disney World?

Walter Elias Disney Walter Elias Disney

Who is the person in charge of the Walt Disney Resort in Florida?

i dont know but i think its walt disney!

How long does the Disney mix max charge for?

I have had one for 2 years now and it works with charge time of two hours.But fortunately the disney mix max works for eight hours.

Who are imagineers?

Imagineers are people in Disney Land/Walt Disney World who are in charge of designing the changes that will be made to the park in the future.

Does Disney accommodate people with allergies?

Absolutely! When you plan your Disney vacation, you need to let whoever's in charge know about it, and your meals will be made accordingly.

How much are fast passes at Walt Disney World?

There is no additional charge for fast passes.

Is disneys superbia free?

YES it is because i have it and it had NO CHARGE

How much are roller coasters at Disney world?

The Disney parks in the US (and, I believe, the overseas ones as well, though I'm less certain of that) do not charge for individual rides; the admission ticket covers all the rides in the park at no additional charge.

What are the cost of Disney XD Games?

There is no charge to play the Disney XD Games. Simply go to to have access to dozens of fun games for all ages.

What is the charge to leave your pet in the pet care kennels at Disney World Florida?

700 a day

What is the sous chef in charge of in Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille?

Just like a real sous chef, the sous chef in Ratatouilleis in charge when the main chef is not around.

Who is in charge of the Walt Disney Company?

The current president is Bob Iger, who answers to the company's Board of Directors.

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