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He is actually married to x singer nevia

Now he is married to Christina millian the girl who played off of bring it on fight to the Finish

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Q: Who is the dream married to?
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Who is nivea married to?

She is not married; she was, however, married to The-Dream 2004 to 2007

Are Kanye West and Christina millian married?

No, she is married to The Dream

Was chritina millian married to nick cannon?

No, she's married to The Dream.

When you dream you see yourself getting married does it come true?

No, dreams do not "come true" in the way the question suggests. Seeing yourself getting married in a dream is an expression of your wish; you want very much to get married, so your subconscious mind creates a dream in which you experience what you desire. The dream does not predict the future.

Is Christina millian pregnant by the dream?

yes the dream is her boyfriend and she has a baby and is soon to get married

What was Mae Jemison's dream?

she wanted to get married

What does dream about ex boyfriend getting married but cant see the brides face?

This dream appears to expressing your desire be married, while the lack of a specific face reflects your situation of not being in a relationship. It is simply a dream about being married, not about marrying anyone in particular.

Is the Dream still married to Christina Milian?


When is salman khan going to get married?

Salman khan going to get married when he wants to. He has not found the girl worth marring. His dream girl is still a dream.

I had a dream that my best friend was getting married and we were planning the wedding?

Having a dream that your best friend is getting married and you get to plan the wedding is a good dream. It probably doesn't mean anything, but it is nice to have good dreams instead of nightmares.

Is Mariah Carey and the dream together?

No. She is married to Nick Cannon.

Is Christina milian singol?

No. Christina Millian is married to The-Dream.