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Q: Who is the most famous Saxon?
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What is a Famous old English poem from Anglo Saxon?

One famous Old English poem from the Anglo-Saxon period is "Beowulf." It is an epic poem that tells the story of a hero named Beowulf who battles monsters and dragons to protect his people. "Beowulf" is considered one of the most important works of Old English literature.

Who was a famous Anglo-Saxon historian?

Venerable Bede

Is Beowulf a famous poem of the Anglo-saxon period?


How did Dudley get its name?

It was given by count von taves dudley a leader in the Anglo saxon period who was most famous for letting Romans come to England

What anglo-saxon root most closely means boy?

The Anglo-Saxon root "cild" most closely means boy.

Which Anglo-saxon roots most likely means boy?

Kna is the Anglo-Saxon root that most likely means boy.

Was William the Conqueror a famous Anglo-Saxon historian?

No. William was a Norman from Normandy, France. He was not Anglo-Saxon and he was not an historian, he probably couldn't even read or write.

What was the name of a famous old English poem from the Anglo saxon period?


Beowulf an Anglo-Saxon poem about a warrior is one of the most important works in Anglo-Saxon literature.?

It is not to be doubted.

What is the most famous English weapon in the middle ages?

From the 13th century onwards it is the longbow, which may have Scandinavian, Welsh or possibly Saxon origins. Before that time there was no particularly "English" weapon that was any more famous than all the others.

What was the most common Name for an Anglo saxon?


Are most of your modern pronouns are of Anglo-Saxon origin?