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According to popular belief in Lord of the Rings, Sauron is the most powerful and feared character in the series. However other characters show considerable amounts of strength in the movies and games. Gandalf for example when he battles the Balrog, he also leads the successful defense of Minas tirith after protecting the knights of Gondor from several harrasing nazgul.

Legolas is also very powerful as he single handedly takes down a mumakil in the movie, he is also a deadly shot with his bow.

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Samwise Gamgee without a doubt, is my favorite because of his undying loyalty, bravery, and simpleness. All he ever wanted was to do the right thing, and return home to fall in love with a beautiful hobbit-lady.

As for me, I'd say Meriadoc Brandybuck in a heartbeat. Irrepressibly hilarious, surprisingly brave, touchingly devoted to his friends, and possessing a certain inner-wisdom that his "best-cohort-in-crime", Pippin Took, has unfortunately not been gifted with, Merry is to me practically perfect. And all heever wanted in the beginning was to be of as much assistance to Frodo, the Fellowship, and their mission as he could, and watch out for Pippin as well -- and look where all that got him! He's a wonderful character, as all of the simple, kind-hearted, silly little hobbits are. Plus he's definitely not sore on the eyes, either... not on mine, at least. :)

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First of all is Harry Potter, the main character. After him, I think, it's Voldemort and Dubledor, strong enough but not as Harry. Then is Hermione Granger who knows every spell in the world, with the correct ancent to tell it. And more...

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Q: Who is your favorite character from Lord of the Rings?
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