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Q: Who makes howie long's eyeglasses that he wears on fox?
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Who makes the eyeglasses that calista flockhart wears on Brothers and Sisters?

Robert Marc

Who makes the black rimmed eyeglasses Ted danson wears on csi?

The black rimmed eyeglasses that Ted Danson wears on CSI is not disclosed. These stylish types of frames can be purchased at outlets such as Lenscrafters and Pearl Vision.

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One does it every day if one wears eyeglasses.

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Yes, but he wear them sometimes since he wears contact lenses, too. But, his eyes are actually Hazel for real if you ask.

What eyeglasses does Howie Long wear?

I have a pair but sadly my eyesight has changed and for some unknown reason I cannot find those rimless raybans anywhere in los angeles. they are raybans, #8502 titanium 1003 52017 and the best pair of eye wear I have ever had. Look good, light and comfy

Did the invention of eyeglasses have a global impact?

Yes it did because around 75% of the population wears glasses or uses contacts as some way to help them see or just for fashion.

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