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Q: Who was bartolome?
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What is Bartolome Mitre's birthday?

Bartolome Mitre was born on June 26, 1821.

Where is the painting 'Saint Francis embracing Christ on the Cross' by Bartolome Esteban Murillo?

The gallery or museum of Fine Arts in Seville

When was Vic Barnhart born?

Vic Bartolome was born on September 29, 1948, in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ganti ng api - 1991?

The cast of Ganti ng api - 1991 includes: Cris Aguilar Baby Alvarez as Resort Manager Raoul Aragonn as Captain Villajuan Andrea Arroyo as Delia Cachupoy as Gunding Perla Bautista as Josefa Big Boy Gomez as Big Boy Ramon Casenillo as Mama San Tirso Cruz III as Bartolome Freddie De La Pena as Club Owner Monsour Del Rosario as Andro Kevin Delgado as Paolo Mario Escudero as Major Boquirin Boyet Gagui as Disc Jockey Joonee Gamboa as Lolo Miguel Val Iglesias as Bert Dick Israel as Dick Rommel Martell as Dante Mazzoud Moghaddan as Drug Courier The New Age Band as Club Band Boy Ricketts as Club Waiter Ronnie Ricketts as Elias Mariz Ricketts as Jessica Ruben Rustia as Pedring

What actors and actresses appeared in Blutsfreundschaft - 2009?

The cast of Blutsfreundschaft - 2009 includes: Martin Angerbauer as HJ-Junge Leo Stefan Bachmann as Thomas Lorenz Aron Bartolome as Jorge Helmut Berger as Gustav Tritzinsky Markus Drawe as Milo Stefan Fent as HJ-Junge Kraus Marvin Filipp as young Gustav Valentin Frais as Hannes Matthias Franz Stein as Wolfi Alexander Jagsch as Chauffeur Leo Jakob as Barmann Ali Aaron Karl as David Peter Kern as Head of Staff Harry Lampl as Axel Wolfgang Lampl as Rastajunge Gerhard Liebmann as Passport Inspector Bernhard Majcen as Kunde Anzug Max Mayerhofer as Soldat Lech Margaret Oberndorfer as Marilou Lukas Perman as Steven Oliver Rosskopf as Peter Manuel Rubey as Snoopy Heribert Sasse as Willy Sophie Schlichting as Eva Manfred Schmid as Toni Gregor Seberg as Dr. Kraake Michael Steinocher as Lippi Christian Strasser as Policeman Margarete Tiesel as Tante Anna

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When was Filemon Bartolome Vela born?

Filemon Bartolome Vela was born in 1935.

When did Filemon Bartolome Vela die?

Filemon Bartolome Vela died in 2004.

When was Heber Bartolome born?

Heber Bartolome was born on 1948-11-04.

When was Bartolome Ramos born?

Bartolome Ramos was born on 1943-08-24.

When did Bartolome Blanco Marquez die?

Bartolome Blanco Marquez died in 1936.

When was Bartolome Blanco Marquez born?

Bartolome Blanco Marquez was born in 1914.

What is Bartolome Mitre's birthday?

Bartolome Mitre was born on June 26, 1821.

How old was Bartolome Mitre at death?

Bartolome Mitre died on January 19, 1906 at the age of 84.

What was bartolome de las casas' childhood like?

Bartolome de Las Casas' childhood is unknown.

When was Robert Bartolome born?

Robert Bartolome was born on June 23, 1987, in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.

How old was Bartolome de Las Casas when he died?

Bartolome de Las Casas was 92 years old when he died.

Who are Francisca Reyes Aquino and Candido Bartolome in the gymnastics in the Philippine school curriculum?

candido bartolome started gymnastics in the philippine