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Q: Why did Arthur Pendragon have to die in BBC Merlin?
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When did Merlin Kopp die?

Merlin Kopp died on 1960-05-06.

When did Merlin Minshall die?

Merlin Marston died on August 22, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, USA of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

When did Arthur Bairstow die?

Arthur Bairstow died in 1945.

When did Arthur Pothecary die?

Arthur Pothecary died in 1991.

When did Arthur Buckler die?

Arthur Buckler died in 1921.

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Birth of King Arthur Pendragon?

Uther Pendragon, the King of England, was deeply in love with Igraine of Cornwall. Uther's assistant, Merlin, a magician, promised that they would be married if Uther gave Merlin a son. So, Uther and Igraine fell in love and had Arthur who was sent to live with Sir Ector for safety and because Uther was going to die.

When is uther going to die in the bbc Merlin series?

I think he'll die in the middle of series 5, after arthur knows about merlin's magic and gets used to it (end of series 4). He dies of a battle wound or illness.

In The Once and Future King by T.H. White whose death changes Arthur's life forever?

Merlin because he was his tutor and he always got advice from him However, Merlin, in this story. does not actually die but is imprisoned by Nimue. Uther Pendragon does die, and his death means that the barons seek for a new king, which mens Uther's unknown son Arthur.

What happened to Merlin after Arthur dies?

no one knows what happens to Merlin, only that he will never die and he will wait for the king to rise once again.

In Merlin is Arthur going to die?

I believe that Arther is killed eventually by Mordred ,(played by Asa Butterfield), for it is his destiny.

How did morgana die?

Merlin protected arthur, impaled morgana with a sword, forged with dragon breath, the sword we know as Excalibur, which in turn, in the end merlin through with back to the lady of the lake.

Does Arthur die in Merlin?

It all depends on which version one is referring to. The general theme of the entire Arthurian story is tragedy, though, so no happily ever after after ending. But with the promise of Arthur's return from Avalon, we are given hope. And there are plenty of good examples in the entire body of literature.

What year did Uther pendragon die?


When did Merlin Hull die?

Merlin Hull died in 1953.

When did Merlin Stone die?

Merlin Stone died in 2011.

When did Sidney Merlin die?

Sidney Merlin died in 1952.

When did Merlin Guilfoyle die?

Merlin Guilfoyle died in 1981.