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He didn't all actors in Harry Potter were picked by the casting director, Fiona Wier. She choose Emma Watson because she thought she was the best.

Emma's drama teacher suggested she audition for the role when the casters went around the schools. She auditioned in her school gym and said it was just like a normal drama lesson. When Christopher Columbus and JK Rowling saw her audition tape, they knew she was perfect for the role. Emma had to audition a couple more times with young actors, so they could find the right Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.

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Q: Why did David Yates choose Emma Watson to play the part of Hermione Granger?
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It had been reported that the film would contain a few scenes of Daniel Radcliffe in the nude, leading to speculation among fans that the film would earn a more strict rating. This turned out not to be the case, although the scene in which visions of Harry and Hermione kissing appear to try to deter Ron give the illusion that Radcliffe and Emma Watson are both nude. In reality both actors wore jeans and Watson was provided with a strapless brassiere so she would not have to be completely topless. Director David Yates said that complete nudity was not necessary as the characters would be partially obscured by fog.

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