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I would venture to say that she did it for profit.......

Of course it was for profit, but it was also to expand her business. Elizabeth Taylor's Passion was the most successful celebrity endorsed (and she even worked on the creation of the scent and bottle design as she did with the rest of her perfume line) scent released and it needed a successor. That became White Diamonds and about the same time she released Passion for Men. White Diamonds remains a top seller even after being on the market for over 20 years. A substantial % of Dame Elizabeth's (now The Elizabeth Taylor Trust) profits go to amFAR and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

So, yes she did it for profit, but it was also to expand the line and to raise money for AIDS.

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Q: Why did Elizabeth Taylor start white diamonds?
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Elizabeth Arden in Stamford, CT.

Who launched her own perfume called White Diamonds?

Elizabeth Taylor

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Is joe mantegna the voice on the tv commercial?

I think his is the voice on the 2011 ads for Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds fragrance.

Who has heard or seen Brillant White Diamonds Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor it is not White Diamonds Could they be a Collector item?

Yes they can be a collector item, because it was created by someone famous, leave it in the package though and it could be worth millions.

What is Elizabeth Taylor's Race?

She was white.

How old is this commercial White Diamonds - Elizabeth Taylor?

White Diamonds came out in 1991 which was Elizabeth's 59th year, so it is possible. I am not sure if the commercial we see now (b&w where she tosses the diamond earrings on the card table) is the original commercial, but it was made around that time, so she was anywhere from 59 to 61.

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