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Mephiles the Dark convinced Silver that Sonic was the Iblis Trigger, the one who released the Flames of Disaster into the world and destroyed the future. Because of this Silver travelled back in time to kill Sonic before discovering with Shadow the origin of Mephiles and Iblis' flames.

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Q: Why did Silver try to kill Sonic?
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Is silver the heghog Sonic?

No Silver the hedgehog is from the future, and is 14. Sonic is from the present and 15. Not to mention Silver was sent in Sonic 06 to kill Sonic which would make a very confusing storyline if Silver was Sonic sent to kill himself......

Did sonic kill silver?

No Silver is alive, what made you think he died?

Why silver kill sonic?

silver never kills sonic. he tries to but then amy gets in the way, like she ALWAYS does.

Who is silver from Sonic the Hedgehog?

ok. Silver is the white hedgehog who thought at first sonic was the iblis trigger and Mephiles told him to kill Sonic. But when silver got his butt handed to shadow they became allies and shadow told him that Sonic was good. Silver also has telekenisis powers.

Is Silver the Hedgehog evil?

No. Although he was out to kill Sonic in Sonic '06, he thought he was saving the future by doing so. Once he realized that killing Sonic wouldn't solve his problem, Silver became an ally of Sonic's.

Who is strongest Sonic Shadow or Silver?

HECK YEAH! Sonic is stronger than Silver because Sonic has more forms than silver and he is the fastest thing alive.He can whup Silver's ass and even kill him if he wanted to.

Is metal Sonic evil?

yes, if you have played sonic generations. Metal sonic will try to kill you as Classic sonic.

How does Sonic go silver Sonic?

silver sonic is just hyper sonic after about 5 minutes.Isn't silver sonic a robot you fight on sonic 2?

Who can you unlock silver the heghog in sonic and the secret rings?

i dont realey no. but why not try to?.

Who is the wight Sonic?

there is no white sonic....his name is ...silver the hedgehog.....he is NOT sonic. silver is not sonic...silver is slow...sonic is fast...silver hates danger ...sonic is always exited for yeah on google search silver the hedgehog and you'll see silver

Is Silver the Hedgehog good or evil?

He is a good guy. he tries to kill sonic for his future, but think: wouldn't you kill anyone to save millions? He is a good guy. Mephiles tricked him into thinking Sonic is a villain.

Is sonic silver's brother?

No, Sonic and Silver are not brothers.