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Q: Why did dr. Bonner ghost bring Dawson to the Tidewater in the best of me?
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Can ghosts bring gifts to people?

no- ghost can not bring gift to people because a ghost is someone dead. but a ghost can actually give someone they dont know a nneklese they have or something and so the ghost tells the person to give that to someone the ghost knows so that person the ghost knows can know that the ghost is sleeping in peace

Do ghost bring nuts in the house?

yes they bring all kinds of dry fruits

Can you bring a ghost home from another house?

No cause there aren't ghosts

Which Pokemon does the gym leader of hearthome gym use in Pokemon pearl?

Im pretty sure she uses ghost but theyre really powerful i would suggest to not bring any normal or fighting types but bring maybie one ghost

Is there any ghost quests on Panfu?

there is a quest where u need to bring to ghost together in panfu so u should try it its called amaluras love quest.

How do you bring a ghost out of hiding?

Put 3 candles and say come out come out on a full moon

What news does the ghost bring of what is about to happen to Scrooge?

The ghost bringing the future news was Marley. He warns scrooge that unless he changes his life he will die and walk the earth in eternal torment.

Where can one find cool ghost images?

You can find cool ghost images online at the About website. Once on the page, type "Ghost Pictures" into the search field at the top right-hand corner of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What is a summary of shady plot?

It is the story about a man who gets cocky in his writing ability to bring forth his ghost stories at his will and copes with the situation when he realises that he gets help from a real ghost The ghost demands a favour from him which he was unable to fulfill.the ghost then plays havoc with his married life leading to various comic situations.

What is the summary of the shady plot by elsie brown?

The story is about a man who starts getting cocky about his ability to bring forth ghost stories at his will and how he copes with the situation when he realises that he gets (the unwilling) help from a real ghost. the ghost demands a favour from him which he is unable to fulfill. The ghost then plays havoc with his married life leading to various comic situations.this leads to abig dispute with his wife.

Will Aisha Tyler ever return as special guest on ghost whisperer?

No as Melinda helped Andreas ghost cross over and you seen her cross over so they can't bring her back into the show.

How do you catch a ghost on film?

Bring a camera out at night with equipment( in case it attacks you - literally ) under a banana tree.