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Q: Why did jen visit luke in the middle of the night?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bump in the Night - 2013?

The cast of Bump in the Night - 2013 includes: Hillary Hencely as Norma Shoniece Mason as Jen Zack Pursley as Art

How tall is Jen Fiskum?

Jen Fiskum is 5' 6".

When was Jen Kao born?

Jen Kao was born in 1981.

How tall is Jen Tonon?

Jen Tonon is 5' 5".

When was Jen Hendershott born?

Jen Hendershott was born on 1971-12-12.

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Why did jen mock Luke?

cause luke was chicken to go out of hiding with jen and risk getting killed.

Does Jen from the shadow children series like luke?

In the 1st book- Among the Hidden- jen and luke got along very well, but when luke refused to go to the rally with jen, jen and him got into a huge fight, and this isn't really your question but jen dies at the rally HOPE THIS HELPS

What are the differences between Luke Garner and Jen Talbot?

Jen is a very brave girl, and Luke doesn't feel very confident in himself

How did Luke change after he meet Jen?

he didnt

Does luke go to the rally with jen in among the hidden?


Why was Luke confused by the books and articles that Jen lent him among the hidden?

Jen's dad said that jen was and all 40 kids were shot by the population police.

What happens in the chapters among the hidden?

jen and luke died

Does luke go to the rally with jen in?

No. Luke goes to jens house to tell her something then jens stepfather told luke she was dead.

Does LUKE ever die in the among the hidden series?

Jen is dead and when Luke goes to her house, Jen's father offers Luke a fake I.D. so he can go to a boarding school as Lee Grant. In the next book he goes to the boarding school.

What happen in chapter 21 of among the hidden?

jen and luke died

What was the problem in among the hidden?

Solution: Jen dies in the rally, Luke finds out Jen's dad is one of the Population Police, Luke hides from the population police, Luke escapes and get a fake ID and leaves his mom and dad and the 2 brothers Matthew and Mark.

Who is the main character of among the hidden?

The main character is Luke. Although, you can also say Jen but Jen gets killed and Luke is in the rest of the series, so it's your choice if you would also like to include Jen. BUT FOR SURE IT'S LUKE!!!