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Q: Why do slater bugs have pale coloured plates on underside?
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When did Arthur 'Bugs' Baer die?

Arthur 'Bugs' Baer died in 1969.

How do you solve so many bugs in Pokemon platinum?

Eat up the bugs ^^

Cartoon characters beginning with B?

Bugs Bunny Barney the Bear Benny the ball (he's in Top Cat)

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The cast of Tumble Bugs - 1943 includes: Ted Husing as Himself Narrator

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Why are lady bugs brightly coloured?

i dont no

What do slater bugs eat?

Slater's eat on decaying vegetable's, fungi and other animal matter

How do you take care of a Slater bug?

Slater bugs can be eliminated using a common insect repellents. They can also be killed using household items such as rubbing alcohol.

Do a ladybug live in nest?

No, Lady bugs lay their eggs on the underside of leaves.

Do pill bugs breath water?

no they do not

How do you tell if a pill bug is a female or a male?

female pill bugs underside is pale color and male pill bugs underside is dark color.

What do the back swimming bugs look like?

On the top, they are black and white. On the underside, they are Brown. Their oar-like legs are brown.

What is the life cycle and reproduction of a slater bug?

Slaterbugs are also known as isopods or pill bugs. They are born from eggs and exhibit internal fertilization as well as sexual reproduction.

What is an isopoda?

Also called an isopod, they are small bugs. They are also known as rollypollys and sow bugs these bugs have small "plates of armor". Isopods are great pets and some people even breed them. (I breed isopods). Thank you for the wonderful question,

What voltage is the grid in an insectocutor?

The voltage can be anywhere from 5000 to 7500 volts. That is why the bugs snap when they get between the two grid plates.

What layer of the rain-forest does the Red Eyed Tree Frog live in?

The Red Eyed Tree Frog lives in the canopy of the rainforest. They spend their days catching bugs, and their nights sleeping on the underside of leaves.

Are pill bugs arachnids?

Yes, the pillbug (woodlouse, slater, or roly-poly) is an arthropod. Arthropods are characterized by joint appendages, segmented bodies, and exoskeletons made of chitin and the pillbug evidences all these traits.