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It is the Earth that moves (rotates on its axis) which makes the stars appear to move roughly from east to west (as does the Sun). The Pole Star appears to be stationary (but wobbles a little) as it is above the axis of the Geographic North Pole. The orbit of the moon sometimes mean that the moon is actually crossing the sky during the day, but the brightness of the sky makes it difficult to spot with the naked eye. During a Lunar Eclipse, the Moon passes across the Sun during the day!

The stars themselves are actually moving relative to the Solar System as a whole (and therfore relative to Earth), but this movement is specific to each individual star. For most stars, this movement is too small to notice ... one of the nearest stars is known as "Barnard's Runaway Star" because of its comparatively large proper motion of 10.3 arcseconds per year ... which over a human lifetime, amounts to an apparent change in position of about half the width of the full moon. So we're talking about very very small movements here.

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They were all there last time I checked.

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Q: Why do the stars fade?
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