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Q: Why do you think that ferreira was happy to fight with zapata regardless of the dangers and hardships?
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When was Christian Zapata born?

Christian Zapata was born on September 30, 1986.

When did Angie Zapata die?

Angie Zapata died on 2008-07-17.

How tall is Kathleen Gallego Zapata?

Kathleen Gallego Zapata is 180 cm.

What is Róbinson Zapata's birthday?

Róbinson Zapata was born on September 30, 1978.

When was Gustavo Zapata born?

Gustavo Zapata was born on 1967-10-15.

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Hugo Zapata has written: 'Hugo Zapata, 1977-1987'

Where is the Col. Jose Antonio Zapata Museum in Zapata Texas located?

The address of the Zapata County Museum is: Us Hwy, Zapata, TX 78076

What was zapata's first name in Viva Zapata?


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